Why Is Lucas Buying Dead Celebs?

12.09.10 7 years ago

It was recently reported that George Lucas was buying the film rights to dead actors. Needless to say, this triggered lots of speculation, as everybody became afraid that having thoroughly ruined the joy and wonder of innumerable fanboys, he was going to move on to the rest of us by sticking Marilyn Monroe in various movies or whatever.

But apparently he’s not using them to make a movie, as Lucas’ publicist has denied such a thing is taking place.

OK, fair enough.

So why the hell is he buying them in the first place? I mean, dude, really? Buying the film rights of dead people at random is just really kind of weird, even for you, George. What, are you out of things to buy with your billions that are normal?

[ via Blastr, who just sold their film rights to Luigi Cozzi ]

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