B-Boys Bare All? The Rise of the Hip Hop Sex Tape

05.18.07 10 years ago 28 Comments

“Ayo…guess who got a sex tape out fam?
“Mike Jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I wish I was joking, but that’s really how I found out about the Mike Jones sex tape supposedly floating around on the internuts last night. If it’s true, you can now add him to that ever-expanding list of celebrities who have shown us their goodies on film. America’s insatiable need for any and all information about the rich and famous has been no secret. And hip hop is now slowly beginning to embrace this tradition. I call it a tradition because rappers are the next evolutionary group of celebrities in a lifestyle choice that dates back well before the 1940’s. Before that little section of your local video store with the beaded curtains came into existence, there were stag reels and magazines that dared to hint at the scandalous acts of the stars of the silver screen.Some would say that hip hop’s obsession with capturing sex on video began with that forgotten relic of them all, the Leon Issac & Jayne Kennedy tape that someone claims you can always find on a main drag like 125th Street or Crenshaw Boulevard. Son Doobie of Funkdoobiest had a quick turn as a porn star back in the mid 1990’s. Snoop Dogg parlayed his success into putting his name on an adult movie with Hustler Video.

I think we’ll leave R.Kelly out of this.

The point is, now instead of it being just another business move or the exploration of a new topic for an MC, it’s now seen as a way to resuscitate a floundering career. Who really cared about Ray J anymore until he released a tape of him with Hollywood’s trollop of the moment, Kim Kardashian? The same girl who was rumored to be dealing with The Game and is a BFF of Paris Hilton? And aren’t you wondering if Karrine “Superhead” Stephans has some film material of her own starring your favorite rapper? We’ve even gotten folks who have been resourceful using their cellphone cameras. You can call Vida Guerra anything you wish, but I choose to call her clever after her ‘leaked’ pictures garnered her a Playboy pictorial.

As long as there are upwardly mobile people out there, there will always be those willing to do whatever it takes to be famous or to recapture that little bit of limelight they’ve lost. It may not be long before some rappers are known for their raunchy videos in addition to their other business ventures and it will all be commonplace.

For everybody’s sake, I hope I’m wrong.

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