Better Know A Draft Pick: Geno Smith

02.13.13 5 years ago 33 Comments

Throwing arm: Super long

Stage name: Geno Smith

Full name: Eugene Cyril Smith III

Age: 22

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 220

Position: Quarterback

Year: Senior

School: West Virginia

Major: English

Twitter: @GenoSmith_12

What his Twitter account tells us: Either he’s boring as hell, or he already has some PR help. Most of the tweets are about how hard he’s going to work to achieve his goals of greatness. All of his friends are fellow athletes, and he only follows one woman who poses in skimpy outfits.

If Wikipedia is to be believed: Geno was a standout student in elementary school, with an affinity for the arts. He performed in his school’s production of The Nutcracker in the fifth grade, and there is no way that this section of his bio was not written by his grandmother.

Relevant GIF: LSU Freek via EDSBS

Potential Berman nicknames: Geno Smith & the Ram Jam Band

Nicest comparison: Robert Griffin III

Meanest comparison: Blaine Gabbert (I made this one up because 99% of articles either compare him to RGIII or say he shouldn’t be compared to RGIII)

Colorblind analyst comparison: Alex Smith

Strengths: Strong arm, good athleticism, hard worker

Weaknesses: Lacks touch, so-so accuracy

Loved by: Chiefs fans with Photoshop

Hated by: Nobody, but it’s still early.

What scouts are saying:

Who wants him: Arizona

Who will take him: Kansas City

Immediate impact: Steps in after the bye week and draws quick comparisons to Donovan McNabb because he plays for Andy Reid.

Down the road: Less terrible than any Chiefs quarterback in a long time.

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