If There’s A Bad Way To Promote Safe Sex, Cassidy Found It

12.17.12 5 years ago 25 Comments

Practicing safe sex is incredibly important in this day and age of super herpes and mega AIDS and technicolor waffles and other things I looked up on WebMD during college. So it’s quite essential that the kids are reminded to use condoms whenever they’re taking that trip to Pleasure Town. That’s why you have to commend any and all efforts to promote safe sex.

Unless that call to safe sex is executed as a remake of Gangnam Style.

Cassidy, the one-time member of rappers I swore by, has leapfrogged the shark with his new song, “Condom Style.” He’s earned the distinctive honor of making the first safe sex song that should be banned for all time.

Cassidy – “Condom Style”

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