Christmas Greetings From Goth Aaron Rodgers!

12.25.08 9 years ago 20 Comments

Christmas is a rotting cancer of the anus. And Santa Claus is nothing more than an Indian giver, who bestows the lemmings of the masses with material goods in exchange for a piece of their rotten, festering souls. His costume is red for a reason, for it is stained with the blood of innocent children who toil in his “workshop”. Ha. Workshop. The children of Polynesia are paid in nothing but sodomy. Here “comes” Santa Claus, indeed.

YOU are responsible for this. YOU are to blame for this yearly “tradition” of scavenging for goods, while others are left to drown in their own liquified feces. Your Christmas tree is a symbol of hate. Why must we continually violate Mother Earth’s withering uterus just so we can our houses can be “festive”? This is not a festive time of year. This is the time of year when the bloated, pus-feeding tapeworm that is mankind feasts upon itself. This is an unholiday. AN UNHOLY DAY.

You are the reason a man on the subway will choke to death on a cockroach’s babies tonight.

All in the name of Jesus. Jesus thinks you are a perversion. When I think of all the children that have been slaughtered in His glory… try putting a bow on THAT. Jesus is a landfill of death and smashed baby corpses. And God is an abortion. An oozing fetus splashed onto a cracked headstone, its placenta filled with oil and green blood. Conceived with the black ejaculate of the Undead Serpent.

I denounce your so-called Christmas and its 2,000 year reign of terror. My Druid friends and I laugh at your pathetic ritual. You know nothing of what Dagda really wants from us. You will die as you were born into this world: a seething pile of hate, bile spilling out of every orifice. And the world will end sooner than you think. And it shall not be rapturous at all. It will be painful, an orgy of bloodletting that spares no one. Except for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. They alone are virtuous, and see this world for what is really is: SHIT.

This is what happens, Mother, when you don’t get me that rune necklace I asked for. NOW DO YOU SEE?

Also, we’re way better than 5-10. That record alone is proof that God is a sadist, who delights in flaying my back with his six-headed flaming penis of anger.


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