Here’s Some NFL Mascot Redesign Nightmare Fuel From DeviantArt

10.16.13 4 years ago 18 Comments

The fan-art website DeviantArt has become known as your one-stop shop for seeing user-submitted drawings of Sonic and Dr. Robotnik making out or Hobbes the stuffed tiger playing bass for Dream Theater, but did you also know that there are some NFL fans there as well?

User “Banana-of-Doom-2000” decided to kick things up a couple thousand notches and create a few pieces based off the concept of “What would it look like if you had humans transforming into NFL mascots, designed by Commander Mark on DMT?” The entire collection can be found here and it really is worth a look, but here are a few of the highlights:

There’s Toro the Bull:


T.D. the Dolphin:


Rowdy from Dallas (uh-oh Rowdy, don’t make Jerry come in there and milk you):


And finally Blitz the Seahawk makes the refereeing in Super Bowl XL look more like Super Bowl XXX:


Also it should be noted that PETA just submitted a redesign for the Washington Redskins new logo and wow it’s creative where’d they get that idea from?


Considering they’re led by Pam Anderson, please consider making “HepC Police” jokes instead of your normal PC ones.

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