Jim Jones & Cam’ron Take The Converse Band Of Ballers Crown

05.02.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

Looks like Jim Jones was able to back up all the trash he talked leading up to the Converse Band Of Ballers. At yesterday’s event in Atlanta, The Jones Family got down for their crown, defeating hometown favorite Southern Hospitality (Shawty Lo, Pill, OJ’s squad) in the final showdown. Besides the basic shenanigans & bloopers, the biggest surprise had to be Cam’ron showing up, running the court for the uptown team & making the whole Dips reunion idea official. After reconciling on radio a few weeks ago, it looks one of Hip-Hop’s favorite movements is gaining momentum and headed in the right direction.

We snagged a little footage to share with you now. We’ll be back with a full presentation & report later because we got down with our brothers @ The SP Agency and Maurice Garland. More photos, more videos and more interviews. RMF!

For the below, Jimmy adds flames to future fires by proclaiming the Atlanta gym to be a possession of Harlem until his team is rightfully dethroned. LOL @ “So So Sick Records”

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