JMSN – “Walk Away”

09.20.13 4 years ago 5 Comments


JMSN’s †Priscilla† was lowkey a highly impressive debut album from the still super-enigmatic do-everything artist. That alone gives his forthcoming EP, †Pllaje†, the benefit of the doubt to enter the project with high expectations.* The first look, “Walk Away,” doesn’t disappoint.

Truth be told, the song is drenched in melancholy vibes, but in a weird way, serves as the exact quality making it so appealing. It’s the type of music I’d imagine being my soundtrack in a Manhattan penthouse suite while nostrils deep in a coke binge that’d make Tony Montana appear like the spokesperson for D.A.R.E. following a paralyzing breakup. Based on the musical identity afforded during his career up to this point, expect much of the same come November 5 when †Pllaje† – Albanian for “plateau” – becomes available.

Speaking of vibes, I’ve always wondered what a show from the Detroit native would encompass. Just my luck, JMSN will be in DC in November with Active Child as apart of their US tour. Remind me to bring some holy water to splash on myself every 10 minutes or so.

* – Talk about cutting out the middle man, JMSN wrote, produced, sang, mixed and mastered the project himself between Los Angeles and New York.

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