“This Is A Ghetto Public Service Announcement…”

12.04.09 8 years ago 20 Comments

One of the great mysteries of my life happens to be where my Ghetto Dope CD went. Lost in the matrix of many *hazy* college nights, I’ve basically chalked it up as a loss. Eventually I’ll “re-up” again from Best Buy and go on about my day. Nowadays, P is far removed from this type of music and likely sitting on a boat load of money (dude was a hustler, don’t get it twisted) hoping Romeo gets a chance to shine at USC. However, people forget that one of Hip-Hop first entrepreneurs, Master P, also harbored one of the greatest, yet least talked about weed smoking anthems…ever.

“Pass Me Da Green” appears towards the end of an album which showcased the ups, the downs, the dangers and the joys of the ghetto environment. As Chris Wallace so eloquently put it years ago, “there’s rules to this shit, I wrote me a manual.” In this case, the No Limit General pens his ‘how-to’ list on Mary Jane, not the “white girl.” So let’s get to it. Here’s “Blunt Etiquette According to Percy”:

1. “Jumped in my Cutlass on the way to the liquor sto’/ Picked up some blunts, got 10 on the 2-0…” — It’s like a cookout. No one likes the guy who doesn’t bring anything to the table. In P’s case, he’s bringing material which guarantees him a spot in the coveted cypher.

2. “Real smokers don’t blow no green on empty stomachs.” — Maybe not as vital as drinking on an empty stomach, Percy advises you to have plenty of munchies in your vicinity once your done “putting one in the air.”

3. “Puff, puff, pass…” — Self-explanatory.

There’s more, but that’s what you can download the song for. And, of course, depending on how smashed you’re trying to get, cure that annoying feeling of cotton-mouth with some Hennessy.


Download — Master P – “Pass Me Da Green”

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