Fiend – “Aqua Flow”

01.28.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

Fiend’s been known to make a few laid-back songs. There’s no need to rush or get hyped, after all, when you’re living that Jet Life. But even by the man’s normal standards, “Aqua Flow” is especially relaxed. Fiend describes it as “chiller than Valiums on a beach,” and that sounds about right to me. Fiend drifts into his verse, slowly tossing off visions of fly ish over a wash of mellow synths, indistinct vocals and pounding drums. He’s not building to anything, just meandering, painting a hazy, glowing picture of the good life in all its glory. Eventually, about a minute before the end of the song, he comes to a finish, and the instrumental rides out.

There’s no hurry, no need to get riled up and cut off the beat. Fiend’s just floating by with this joint, thick cloud of smoke billowing out behind him.

Fiend – “Aqua Flow”


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