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04.24.12 5 years ago 19 Comments

Saints fans are understandably outraged with the NFL making their team the scapegoats in the grand quest to remove bounties from the game before the NFL gets itself sued by a bunch of former players. In some ways, this has fostered an us-against-the-world mentality among Saints fans, who are rushing to scoop up season tickets even as their team’s fortunes are being further handicapped by the league. As you can see, others are happy to combat the notion that they should be ashamed of their team in the first place. While some see this shirt and have a knee-jerky reaction like ZOMG THEY’RE CELEBRATING BOUNTIES, if you can’t glory in your team’s ability to destroy Brett Favre and win Super Bowls, then what are we even doing here?

– On the same day that the Jets officially announced that they seeking special teams salvation by assigning Tim Tebow as the team’s punt protector, there are a number of new pressing developments to Tebow’s ongoing efforts to troll the entire world:

NFL Films named Tebow as the 7th best Heisman-winner in NFL History, ahead of Hall of Famers Earl Campbell and Marcus Allen. Usually NFL Films is above engaging in such obvious trolling, as there’s no way Teebs should even be ahead of Desmond Howard at this point in his career., lovers of cheap publicity and sleeping around, are offering a $1 million to any woman who can prove they had sex with Tim Tebow. Woman? Sounds like a technicality to keep Gronk from collecting when he takes Teeb’s butt cherry.

– Vinny Cerrato: “I almost did something right!

– Draft prospect Justin Bethel probably jumps higher than you.

– This girl would like to bone the last pick of the draft. You know, that could probably happen. If I’ve read the CBA correctly, I believe owes her $4.75 if it goes down.

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