The King And Guy: In Which His Desired Shows Initial Reluctance

08.17.08 9 years ago 11 Comments

PK’s first choice in sideline attire

Last night, I caught one overbearingly hyped sporting event (Michael Phelps winning his record 8th gold of the Olympics, which would’ve been that much greater if Ravens fans didn’t get so much satisfaction out of it) and missed another (Favre’s first appearance in a Jets uniform). Luckily one of our readers was on the scene and, in addition to using my name as a verb, wanted to share this observation:

Without revealing my identity (rather not get Tunison’d), I’ll give you this heads up: Peter King was at the Jets preseason game on Saturday and, of course, his only focus was Favre. Dude was even wearing a green shirt. His first stop was Dustin Keller, to ask him how honored he was to have caught Favre’s first Jets preseason touchdown. And when the ol’ Gunslinger walked into the locker room and was approached by King, he said, “I was worried about coming to New York because it’d put me closer to you.” Said it jokingly, but you know there’s some truth in that.

Uh-oh, PK. Favraro thinks things are moving too fast! He just got into town and you’re already pulling a Laura Quinn and wearing the team colors on the sidelines at his games, then asking for Favre dipping sauce when you go to Papa Johns with him afterward. You gotta make him work for it a little. That in-your-face sluttiness might work with Tony Romo, but as Favre has shown in all his dealings, he likes his relationship courting painful and drawn out.

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