Tony Romo Will Not Be Paid To Be A Bus Driver

03.20.13 5 years ago 24 Comments

2013 marks the final season of a six-year contract extension that Tony Romo signed with the Cowboys during the 2007 season. While investing significantly in Romo may sound suspect given that the Romo era in Dallas has been marked with seasons like the one that just ended: a brief glimmer of hope eventually snuffed out by monumental failure once Week 17 or the playoffs roll around, a huge concern for the Cowboys is reducing Romobyl’s $16.8 million cap hit for 2013. Especially because Dallas is presently only about $100,000 under the cap.

Don’t fret none, says Jerry Jones, his bright shining star is gonna have a new contract before you know it. And not just any contract. A big f*ck-off contract like Joe Flacco’s that looks super impressive if you don’t know that nothing matters but guaranteed money and what counts toward the cap.

The six-year, $120.6 million contract Joe Flacco recently signed with the Baltimore Ravens is considered a guide for Romo’s impending deal.

Jones wouldn’t get into the money. But he said Romo is expected to big part of the Cowboys offense going forward and his contract will reflect that.

“Romo, of course, is someone that I expect our staff, our offensive staff, to deploy Romo according to his pay scale,” Jones said. “Stay tuned, but he’s going to have high expectations, I promise you that. He is not going to be paid to be a bus driver.”

That’s too bad. The Cowboys did just get a fancy new million-dollar bus. There should be a contract stipulation that if Romo continues shitting the bed, he gets his pay docked to bus driver money and has to spend his days chauffeuring Jerry Jones around the country while the Double J plows old biddies in the cabin.

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