“Underplayed Pac?”

05.25.08 10 years ago 55 Comments

TC said there was no such thing. He said there was “too much Stannery” to have an underrated, underplayed Tupac track.

I beg to differ.

“Pour Out a Little Liquor” has never gotten the spins it deserves.

Every time it comes on that shit makes me feel popular like I’m back in the lunchroom stealing french fries and pizza from other people’s plates and planning post-homecoming, gin-and-juice hazed parties with my friends. Makes me feel fresh like blunt or bong hits and first kisses on a summer night. Makes me miss Tupac more than most of his anthology, because it just sounds so Tupac to me.

It’s hard to manifest that much nostalgia in a single track, but Pac jogs the memory effortlessly here. I just never really hear DJs drop the needle on it like they should.

Note to all radio and club DJs in the L.A. area: I’m tired of “California Love.” Play something else. Please and thank you.

Thug Life – Pour Out A Little Liquor

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