Here’s A Timeline Of Every Comic Book Movie Coming Out Between Now And 2025

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“Superhero fatigue” gets tossed around a lot by folks who would hope that the collective fascination with men (and women) in tights will eventually fade. As Captain Marvel and Aquaman‘s roaring success has recently shown, though, audiences will continue to turn up for the latest theatrical spins on their beloved comic-book stories. From Marvel Studios’ consistently humor-filled domination through three phases of Avengers-related adventures to Warner Bros. journey from darkness to light to Sony’s growing influence in the genre (they’ve got at least seven years of Spider-Man planned), people aren’t about to stop opening their wallets for these movies.

As such, it’s useful to map out where the genre’s going, even though dates are prone to change, especially given that Disney’s merger with 20th Century Fox recently became complete. Please check back for updates, but here’s what’s currently planned for your favorite heroes, antiheroes, and villains.

Shazam! (April 5, 2019)

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As the second movie to arrive in 2019 that revolves around a character called Captain Marvel, this film is not only a hell of a good time, but pure joy to witness. In the process, it cements a new tone for the DCEU after Aquaman set out to vanquish all the doom and gloom ushered in by Zack Snyder and pals. Of course, copyright issues prohibit Warner Bros. from referring to Zachary Levi’s superhero as Captain Marvel, so he’s now known by his trademark phrase, “Shazam!” While Levi plays the adult version of the lead character, Billy Batson, he’s embodied in teenage form by Asher Angel. Levi and Angel are both stellar in their roles, but arguably the MVP of this flick is Jack Dylan Grazer as sidekick Freddy Freeman (known in the comics as Captain Marvel Jr.).

Hellboy (April 12, 2019)


In what sure looks like (from the trailers) a gory good time, this reboot officially makes Guillermo del Toro’s Ron Perlman-starring films a relic of the past. Neil Marshall takes over with Big Red himself now being played by Stranger Things‘ David Harbour, and the movie will boast a hard R-rating for “strong bloody violence and gore throughout, and language.” After also billing itself as “legendary AF,” this film is gleefully stomping upon the PG-13 leanings of its predecessors, and Harbour has made it known that he’s embracing the somewhat-debated status of Hellboy as an antihero. Oh, and co-stars Ian McShane, Milla Jovovich, and Daniel Dae Kim will also be onboard.

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