8 Things I Do Because Of Outkast

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Spoiler alert: David D. is an Outkast fan. When I was 10, my friends and I took blank tapes and stood in front of the radio to catch “Elevators (Me & You)” so we could record Andre’s third verse (one of my favorite verses of all times). Later that year, I bought a tape just because it had a comic book cover. I had no clue that I was buying Outkast’s ATLiens which featured that same classic track. Since then, Outkast has pretty much dominated my life. Their albums have embedded themselves in my conscious in ways I sometimes don’t even realize.

Recently, I decided to make a note of some of the sayings or actions from Outkast songs that I have taken and allowed to infiltrate my everyday life. So, here goes my list of 8 things I do almost every day solely due to me listening to the Kast.

1. “Tambout” (See also: Nahmtibbytambout)

This is a Big Boi creation. “Talking About,” when said with a pimp’s dialect and a mouthful of fried catfish, sounds like “tambout.” Most recently, this language phenom can be found on the opening lines of “General Patton.” It also can be found in any TSS email exchange, because “tambout” is an acceptable word in our personal e-vernacular. If you want the bonus, check Big’s last verse on “Snappin’ and Trappin‘” for “Nahmtibbytambout” which is translated to “I really, really hope you understand what I am trying to say to you right now and take heed to these words.”

2. Raining Cats and Dragons

We’ve all heard “raining cats and dogs”. *Yawn* That’s a boring description compared to Dré’s flip of the common saying. He says this on one of my favorite Outkast tracks, “Da Art Of Storytellin’ (Pt. 2)“. If it’s raining outside, you can guarantee that I’ll be using this phrase.

3. That “Bawthers Me”

If you listen to the monologues from The Love Below‘s “Happy Valentines Day,” you can hear Three Stacks, towards the end, say “…and that bawthers me” in some sort of unmistakable drawl. I have no clue why that stuck with me, but I say it just like Dré did every time.

4. Fantastically Well!

This is also on The Love Below during the hilarious “Good Day, Good Sir” skit. When asked how I’m doing, I respond with “Fantastically well…” Now, how much of the skit I quote is directly related to how much I’ve had to drink. But I have been known to take it quite far.

Waiter: How are you guys doing today?

Me: Fantastically well but not fine by far. But you could say I’m close to spectacular? Close to spectacular? Whatever do you mean? Well, spectacular’s right in front of you…

Waiter: *blink* *blink* *backs away slowly*

5. Terrorize Anyone Named Nathaniel

One of two things happen when I meet someone named Nathaniel:

I either say “Nathaniel…get jacked like Daniels!” every single time they walk into a room or I start quoting the lyrics from the “Nathaniel” skit from Aquemini. Again, every time Nathaniel walks into a room. Does it get old? No. Well, certainly not for me, so it can’t get old for anyone else.


This is possibly one of the most recognized skits from Stankonia. But every single time I pass by Atlanta, I have to sing “A-T-LLLLLL/Cruisin’ in the A-T-LLLLL” which inevitably is followed by…

7. Break!

Every skit on Stankonia ended with “Break!” So, naturally, any time I’m involved with any sort of planning, it has to end with “Break!” To the untrained ear, I’m just saying “break” like the end of any huddle, but Kast fans know: Break!

8. Baby Gotta Eat!

This is admittedly a weird one. Every time I hear a baby cry, I either think or say aloud: “baby gotta eat!” from the beginning of “Slump“. Now, this baby doesn’t have to be any one I know or even remotely near the vicinity I’m in. I just need to hear a baby cry, and I’m harmonizing “Baby gotta eat!” This has caused quite a few mace incidents involving me and protective mothers, but it’s all been worth it for the sake of music.

Now, I’ve been called weird for doing any and all of these things. But I have a feeling I’m not alone. So join me in the Church of Kast and share the ways the duo has soaked into your souls. Hell, if there’s anything else you do every day thanks to a rap lyric, feel free to share that as well. And all members of the congregation, take back from the collection plate and enter the Big Boi x GoodWood Contest.


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