brandUn DeShay Is Putting In His Two Weeks Notice

09.28.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

Words by C. Paicely

When he’s not breaking letter capitalization rules, brandUn DeShay reps the West Side of Chicago and you can hear it in his voice. While flipping a familiar Grizzly Bear tune, DeShay rhymes about his lady troubles in “Puttin My Two Weeks In” with that matter of fact tone and comedic wordplay Midwestern spitters are known for. He comes off simplistic but the internal rhyming and smooth delivery over that sickly piano give the track legs.

DeShay spits about more than bad girlfriends with hot bodies on his fifth mixtape, Volume Three! To Get Ready. On the track “Veterans Day,” he compares himself to Tommy Pickles over a well-utilized Sonic the Hedgehog sample. Just further proof that video games are where to go for quick sick track-ready beats. DeShay even samples vocals from a fellow Chicagoan in “LAXtasy” where Kanye reminds us he’s “high as a muhf*cka, fly as a muhf*cka.” And get ready for the one-two combo because DeShay pushes beats too.


Listen — brandUn DeShay – “Puttin My Two Weeks In”

Download — brandUn DeShay – Volume Three! To Get Ready

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