The iPod Shuffle – Aaliyah Ft. DMX – “Come Back In One Piece”

05.15.13 4 years ago 6 Comments

When Aaliyah dropped a duet with DMX to highlight the Romeo Must Die OST, there were two trains of thought. Either you really dug “Come Back In One Piece” or simply couldn’t find the vibe.

On one hand, combining two superstars over a Parliament sample is sweet in itself, especially when you’ve got a video that’s both theatrical and steamy enough to boost a perceived relationship. On the other hand, their music wasn’t particularly on the same wavelength and when this opportunity arose, their backdrop turned out to be a bit more funky than the edgy beat than one would expect.

Then again, sonically odd collaborations like this were the norm back around the new millennium, so either argument is pretty much justified.

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