Attention! Attention! Stop the Internet! Poodle Painted to Look Like Pittsburgh Steeler

08.25.09 8 years ago 52 Comments

What a blessed day this is, NFL fans.  After years of waiting, we finally have a go-to Steelers picture to replace the morbidly obese Steelers chickThis dog is aroused. Even our own Christmas Ape is re-thinking his cat person status.

I love everything about this dog.  It’s like James Harrison, but less likely to punch his girlfriend in the face.  Fun fact: You can actually take Steelers poodle and the poodle horse —

— and recreate Joey Porter’s dog killing the miniature horse.  It’s like a metaphor or something.

Bonus insanity:

(Photographs: Ron Netherland at the Daily Mail. Also seen at Buzzfeed and psamp.)

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