BOOTS Ft. Beyonce – “Dreams” x “A Day In The Life Of Jordan Asher”

04.22.14 3 years ago 4 Comments


When BOOTS posted up his WinterSpringSummerFall tracklist a couple weeks ago, I’m sure that we all had our suspicions about the mysterious B******* that was set to appear on the last track. With her self-titled album serving as most listeners’ entry point to his music, it’s fitting that we finally receive a new song, titled “Dreams,” by the slightly enigmatic singer/songwriter/producer BOOTS née Jordy Asher and Beyonce.

“Dreams” follows in the same mish-mash style of styles that BOOTS’ previous work has, yet it sounds more like a slowed-down duet than anything else between him and Mrs. Carter. He described the record in simple terms, calling it one a “friend and I recorded it recently and while we were trying to figure out what to do with it, we had an idea.”

BOOTS also released “A Day In The Life Of Jordan Asher,” which will serves as the opening track to WinterSpring… Listen to both below.

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