Bumrush The Kid Cudi Show? I Don’t Think So

07.23.10 7 years ago 24 Comments

Don’t let the tight pants fool you since, especially since Cudi’s stays proving himself to be more gully than most gangster rappers. I mean we can’t forget that kiss, but then again gangster rappers kiss too, right Weezy? Honestly, I was all ready to say that Cudi was amped up off that “liquid coke” and bodied another fan. That would make this some real Tony sh*t.

However after watching the clip, security looks pretty lax and unconcerned until the rapper decide to take matters into his own hands. I mean the pack of brutes didn’t even stick a leg out to trip the guy initially. It should be a written rule that security whip out the Tasers in situations like this, which would’ve made the clip ten times more enjoyable anyways.

After the Lil B snuff, I’m no longer advocating for my fellow fans being allowed too close to artists. Artists should now be allowed to be armed with formidable weapons when they’re in public. Imagine rappers taking the stage with cattle prods to help combat bat-sh#t moves like this by fans.

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