Does Russell Wilson have an erection on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

08.27.14 3 years ago 64 Comments


Sports Illustrated

Yes. Yes he does.

Now Let me start of by sayig that I dont care if he does or not. Im not Gay and Ive been very consistent in saying this. In fact if a NFL player tried to run into the stands to kiss me I would probly just beat them up. That said when I saw this Sports Illustrated cover you almost coudnt help but notice hes looking semi exited, especially when you have a trained football eye like me.

Its great that Wilsons listening to his critics (me for example) but I dont think this is what I had in mind when I said Wilson needed to work on remaning upright in the pocket folks.

More then anything it shows you that Kapperneck with his badboy image is inside Wilsons head- so its natural Wilson might be responding to those critics saying that he hes not hard enough.

Its a major red flag (no offense to Lovie Smith) that Wilsons getting confused and forgetting that in Seattle they raise a flag before every game not a flagpole. Wilsons tired of being looked at as the soft-spoken and soft-pokin eloquent guy so a rebrand here make’s sens,, before you know it with his pistol offense hell be endorseing magnums folks. Forget about the Legion of Boom, Wilsons promoting the Region of Womb here IMO.

HOWEVA (Stephen A Smith voice) I think NFL Commisoner Roger Goodell needs to take a close look at this cover for a flagrnt violation of the Leagues Substance of Use policy. The Seahawks have gotten supsended for every thing from adderall to weed to krokodil and this is the smoking gun for Wilson obvously abusing Viagra and might point to his marital problems no offense.

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