Iggy Azalea’s Papa John’s Delivery Guy Gave Her Phone Number Out And She’s Not Happy About It

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02.08.15 42 Comments
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I don’t hate Iggy Azalea like the rest of the Internet but I’ll admit this little bit of misfortune she had today made me chuckle.

On Grammy week, the most loathed nominee decided to order a pizza from her favorite spot, Papa John’s, and all was well. That was until her delivery driver decided to start passing her phone number along to all his friends and family.

Iggy decided the best course of action was to demand pictures of the employees handing her number out because… well, I don’t really understand that part.

And then she posted a screenshot a perfectly sensible text a fan sent her.

Wait. Iggy is someone’s idol? Idol for like, doing what? Ah man, never mind. Moving on.

I like how she sent “pictures” to demand pictures of the delivery guy again. Also, I like how she’s texting this manager, as if her number hasn’t spread enough already. I’m pretty sure the pimple-faced 17 year-old who delivered her pizza is going to survive whatever this manager tells him when he gets back to the job.

I just don’t get why Iggy doesn’t have a “picks up the pizzas” member of her entourage like a weed carrier or gun-charge-taker like every other rapper. Guess Australian entourages work different. I hope #ProfessionalAsF*ck becomes a thing though. That would be fun.

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