Invincible & Waajeed – “Detroit Summer/Emergence” Video

08.12.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

True story: the other week, I was rummaging through my limitless unread emails with Invincible’s “Deuce/Ypsi” inexplicably playing in my head. Then it occurred to me that Detroit’s very own superwoman had been inconspicuously absent for more than a little bit. I proceeded to take to her Twitter to yell for her to get back in the booth pronto, maybe even start a mini trending topic amongst her followers. Yet, right on telepathic cue, the behind-the-scenes visuals for her “Detroit Summer” video sprung up.

Fair enough.

I fell back to await the finished product, which is more than anyone could have bargained for. Most recently, Motor City all-stars Eminem and Big Sean reflected their county’s desolate conditions in their videos and as accurate as they may be, it’s still nice to see the other side of the tracks. Because regardless of economic status, the sun still shines in the Michigan summertime.

Want the audio? Cop: Invincible & Waajeed – “Detroit Summer / Emergence” EP

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