Invoking the Keenan McCardell Rule: your 4pm open thread

12.06.09 8 years ago 53 Comments

Dallas at NY Giants
– The above video was shot before the first Cowboys-Giants game this season. At this point, I’m confident that Giants fans and fantasy owners are saying much worse about Brandon Jacobs.

Remember when Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones was fined six figures for predicting the demise of revenue sharing? The NFL announced that the were canceling $100 million per year in revenue sharing payments that benefit small market teams. Looks like the Bengals will be serving Beenie Weenies in training camp next summer.

San Francisco at Seattle – The 49ers must win this game to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. Go Niners! Do it for Ape’s Dad!

San Diego at Cleveland
– The Chargers own the month of December– undefeated in the month since the end of 2005. The Browns own nothing. This the final week of the regular season for many fantasy leagues. It must be great to be a Philip Rivers owner realizing that you get the Browns in the season finale.

Speaking of fantasy football, my absolutely least favorite scenario played out today during the New Orleans – Washington game. Drew Brees threw an interception, but during the return the Redskins fumbled. Robert Meacham recovered the ball and ran it in for a touchdown. Most fantasy leagues count this as a defensive touchdown for the Saints. This drives me batshizz crazy. I know the conventional argument in favor of such scoring, is “well, once Washington got the ball, New Orleans became the defense.” This is of course pure, illogical horseflop.

If New Orleans became the defense, then Washington became the offense. Yet if the Redskins had ran it back it would have counted as a DEFENSIVE touchdown. You can’t have two goddam defenses on the field at the same team time. I know that this phenomenon only occurs once every season or two, but it annoys the bejeezus out of me. So much so that my money league instituted the “Keenan McCardell Rule” which states when this happens, the defensive team owner is not awarded with a fluke touchdown — the vagaries of the NFL scoring system be damned.

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