Kerry Rhodes Wants People To Know He May Have Fathered Kim Kardashian’s Baby

06.18.13 4 years ago 18 Comments


The former assistant to Kerry Rhodes has spent the last few months telling gossip sites that he and Rhodes were romantically linked when the now free agent safety played for the Cardinals and everyone on the team knew about it. The assistant, Russell “Hollywood” Simpson, has shared a lot of photos and video of the two looking, if not quite intimate, at least a lot closer than a football player and his male assistant would be expected to bond.

With rumors about his sexuality swirling, Rhodes wants former teammates to know that he’s so super straight that he may have fathered Kim Kardashian’s baby. He allegedly sent the following text to former teammates:

Man this could be my baby!! I was fu**ing her the same time as K.West was lol!!!

Not that I’m in the business of doubting anyone who claims they slept with Kim Kardashian at any point, but these same people are saying Rhodes is full of sh*t.

Friends of the baller spoke exclusively with BOSSIP and say [he] is desperate to clear his name of all gay rumors and allegations. One source says:

“Kerry wants everyone to think he’s straight. He is so desperate that he will drag Kim Kardashian and Kanye West into this drama just so people can associate him with a woman instead of a man. It’s just sad at this point because everyone knows he’s gay…”

It would suck if Rhodes is actually gay and afraid to come out, only to have this happen and force his hand. It would also suck if he’s straight and being subject to inaccurate rumors about his sexuality that a few questionable photos will prevent him from dispelling.

It, however, would not suck if he cuckolded Kanye, but I think it’s safe to assume that hasn’t happened.

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