KSK Commenter BONUS Draft: Beer

05.25.07 10 years ago 398 Comments

It’s Memorial Day weekend, so let us choose our favorite brews. I have stated many times that I am a beer whore and NOT a beer snob, so any beer suits my fancy. But if you’re more particular, this may be for you. If you missed last evening’s draft, here’s a quick chance to make up for it.

The rules: Pick any beer. If it’s obscure, leave a link. PICK ONE BEER ONLY, COMMENTER LARRY BURNS. Once 10 other people have picked, you may pick another.

My pick? Chimay.

Delicious and TWICE the alcohol!

Enjoy the weekend. Missing your cheerleader? Try a Google search. I’m sure something will turn up.

UPDATE: Different varieties by the same brewer or label are fine.

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