Maybe It’s Time To Reassess My Hatred For Tom Brady

09.15.10 7 years ago 63 Comments

You know, I’ve spewed tons of hate on Tom Brady over the years, but I really have to hand it to the guy for how much he likes to piss off Patriots fans with his sports rivalry blasphemy off the field. He wears Yankees hats in public. He pals around with Kobe Bryant when the Lakers are playing the Celtics. And now he’s stated in no uncertain terms that the Jets have more passionate and loyal fans than the Patriots do, because he’s upset that a bunch of Greatriots fans left the team’s Week 1 drubbing of the Bungles prematurely. He’s a Canadiens jersey away from completing the sweep (It’s in the mail, Tom).

Oh yeah, and apparently Brady has also upset a bunch of whiny do-gooder types because it turns out the car he crashed last week was a $97,000 gift from a charity. It’s hilarious to imagine that he’s done all this as bad of an ongoing streak of pointlessly evil deeds to enrage everyone in the Boston area. Though if that were true, it’d be better if he smashed it into a Dunkin’ Donuts.

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