Meast And Least For Week 15

12.18.12 5 years ago 68 Comments

Unless a dog pisses on Roger Goodell’s leg in the middle of a press conference, we generally refrain from granting Meast to actual beasts, so bad news if this pigeon hung around the Chiefs-Raiders game for as long as possible for that reason. Humanoid bias, I’m afraid. Still much credit is due to this fearless winged vermin. Pigeon ain’t care. Not just on the field but right in the middle of the play. One wayward step from a player would mean certain death, but that pigeon is harder than the hardest Raiders fan wishes they were.

While Mile High Stadium is infested with pigeons that take dumps on fans, it appears that the Coliseum (still not used to that) might be overrun with BAMF pigeons.

The Sean Taylor Memorial Meast for Week 15 is Russell Wilson. Some of the media infatuation with Wilson can be exhausting, but it’s not his fault that irritating people find him charming and appealing. Oh, and did you know that’s he’s somewhat short relative to other quarterbacks? It’s true! Hater talking points aside, he’s played well as the Seahawks put up 108 points over the past two weeks. Against the Bills on Sunday, Wilson had three rushing touchdowns and a passing TD in the first half alone.

Also receiving consideration: Adrian Peterson, Colin Kaepernick, J.J. Watt, Sebastian Janikowski

The Jeff George Memorial Least for Week 15 is Mark Sanchez. Really no contest. Nacho had five turnovers overall in Monday night’s playoff-denying loss in Tennessee. The fumbled snap in the final minute was indeed a low snap, but nothing that Sanchez couldn’t have reasonably handled without giving it back to the other team (at least until he threw the ball). Even Sanchez’s one touchdown on the night arguably should have been intercepted, but the linebacker who had good position on Jeff Cumberland wasn’t looking back at the quarterback. Sanchez was so bad there’s disbelief that Rex Ryan didn’t call upon Tebow Time. Not all sinners ask for salvation, after all.

Also receiving consideration: Antonio Brown, Bryce Brown, Matt Stafford

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