Michael Jordan’s Mom Was With Him Shooting At The Gym

01.07.12 6 years ago 17 Comments

On Ross’ “Stay Schemin’,” Drake’s defense of his homie Kobe’s bank account has become an instant quotable. “Bitch you wasn’t with me shooting at the gym” has become a rallying cry for, well, anything and nothing at the same time. Almost instantly, it’s been seen and posted all over Twitter and Facebook with no real rhyme or reason besides the fact it’s hilarious to recite.

The line, though, randomly reminds me of this skit where Michael Jordan supposedly learns all his moves from his mom, Deloris Jordan. I’m not sure the origin but I remember seeing it on Come Fly With Me back when people bought highlight tapes and mini docs to see MJ’s best moves. This video springs to mind every time I hear Drake’s line.

The gem? The stunt double with the Jheri curl landing a reverse dunk. It’s the pinnacle of crappy ’80s stunt-doubling that makes me laugh every time. I bet Juanita wasn’t doing all that.

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