Naturally Thizz-Faced Reche Caldwell Gets Arrested For Exactly What You Would Expect

05.14.14 3 years ago 40 Comments


Former Washington/San Diego/New England option-that-isn’t-that-bad-I-guess wideout Reche Caldwell has been arrested again, this time for, as Bone Thugs would say “Fuckin’ with that ecstaseeeeeeeee”, but what Tampa officials refer to as possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. It’s a safe bet that he was most likely pulled over when the cops could see the whites of his eyes from fifty yards away.

Home viewers have been making jokes about Caldwell looking high as balls on molly his entire time in the league. The only successes he had while playing were because cornerbacks couldn’t time their jumps based on his eyes widening like they did with everyone other receiver.

Caldwell was said to have found the rave scene once he discovered there was a community where the phrase “Sick drop, bro!” wasn’t screamed at him sarcastically by Marmalard.

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