Nelly Responds To Floyd Mayweather…With A Love Song

05.05.14 3 years ago 18 Comments

Late last week, Floyd Mayweather Jr. made the news for antics outside the ring. Days prior to defending his championship on Saturday, the boxer went and got all messy, accusing his ex, Shantel Jackson, of killing “his babies.” He went on to do interviews accusing her of being everything but a child of God and, through it all, Nelly ended up becoming collateral damage.

Right now you’re wondering “How the hell did Nelly end up in all of this?” Because he reportedly dates the aforementioned Miss Jackson now. And, like any gentleman would when his old lady is getting aired out by a bitter ex, Nelly stepped in to defend her honor against Floyd’s remarks by releasing “Thanks To My Ex.”

I’d just like to say that Miss Jackson must have some fine snapper. First, she’s got the undisputed, undefeated boxing champion acting out of his feelings. Now, she’s got Nelly singing and harmonizing lines like “He lost your heart and I found it, It’s her fault tears are drowning her.” His brain is so sprung, he’s leaning on tired tropes (“one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”) to get his point across to Jackson, Mayweather and his exes, one of which would be Ashanti.

The game has clearly changed.

Not for nothing, 50 has the best assessment of the situation – or at least the most comical – given via his Instagram. Watch the clips below.

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