Trouble – “For My Patnaz”

04.04.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

A wise man once said, “Everybody that’s down witcha, ain’t down witcha. So appreciate the ones that are down witcha.” It’s not during the best of times where true friendship and loyalty will show their face. Instead, a person realizes the people and things worth investing in when the chips are low and morale even lower. Duct Tape Entertainment’s own Trouble is preparing the release of a “welcome home opus,” otherwise known as his December 17th mixtape. “For My Patnaz” celebrates and pay homage to the individuals who stayed down when the forecast predicted nothing but rain. Now, the future includes never going back, sunshine, getting to the money and an April 26 release date on

It’s easy to say we would never put ourselves in a position to go to prison until a situation with that type of consequence presents itself. With that being said, hold your partner down if you’ve got one behind the walls. The occasional letter, visit and/or accepting a phone call means the world.


Trouble – “For My Patnaz”

Respect: TEV

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