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02.15.13 5 years ago 9 Comments

It’s not just the Jaguars that messed with their logo this off-season. So too have the Vikings, except instead of a complete overhaul, Minnesota basically went over the existing logo with a thicker pen. Okay, there are few more changes beyond the thicker lines, but not a great deal. Mostly, the logo was just condensed so it can easier fit on signage in the new stadium. Exciting!

The Vikings website promises that this is just the beginning of the changes to come. Indeed, countless things about the franchise will be imperceptibly altered in ways you didn’t even know you didn’t care about. It’s a new day, Vikes fans.

— While the Redskins have been spending their time sharing stories of high schools around the country that use their team name, the National Congress of American Indians released a statement last month pushing for the NFL team to change its name. Whatevs. Who needs to listen to them? They didn’t produce Brian Orakpo!

— Meanwhile, Redskins GM Bruce Allen said that FedEx Field will not be switching to FieldTurf. That’s right, it only took one catastrophic injury to their best player to get the team to commit to keeping their field in shape.

— Andy Reid has expressed interest in trading for Nick Foles, because of course he has. The Eagles are reportedly not interest in trading him, since they don’t need an extra 5th round pick that badly.

— In April, Tim Tebow is speaking at a megachurch in Dallas best known for the anti-gay and anti-Semitic views of its senior pastor. Finally, Tebow’s experience in New York pays off. He’ll have so much material for hate spewing.

— Fresh off his first productive season in a while, LaRon Landry would like $6 million per year. He wants to be overpaid? Sounds like someone is angling for a return to Washington.

— Monte Kiffin says he’s “72 going on 52“. YEEEEEE HAWWWWW, DOUBLE J GOT HISSELF A BENJAMIN BUTTON! No way Jerry Jones and Kiffin don’t go on a cross-country trip hawking revitalizing tonic.

— You definitely haven’t seen this video the meteor crash yet, so here you go. Where were you during the Ravens victory parade? Stupid wayward meteors.

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