Raiders-Broncos MNF Live Blog, First Half

09.23.13 4 years ago 877 Comments


You know, sometimes there are terrible primetime games that the schedule makers couldn’t have never seen coming. Bears-Steelers on Sunday night, for example. There’s little chance the NFL could have known that the Steelers would turn out to be as big a dumpster fire as they are this season.

But there’s no way the Raiders traveling to Denver for a Monday night game ever sounded like a good idea. Nevertheless, here we are – presented with a likely Broncos blowout win and three hours of Jon Gruden calling Peyton Manning “The Sheriff”.


Realistic best case scenario for this game is probably similar to that Broncos-Chargers Monday nighter from last year – the Raiders jump to a first-half lead by virtue of a couple fluky turnovers and crazy Denver derps, only to watch Peyton methodically crush their dreams in the second half.

The nicest thing to say about the Raiders’ season to date is “at least they now have a quarterback who is more entertaining to watch suck”. Frankly, sad as it is, I’ll take it.

On the bright side, some people in Colorado will get free washing machines if the Broncos shut out the Raiders. On second thought, nuts to that, those jerks already have legal weed. They have it good enough as it is.

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