The Guy Who Wrote That Racist Kaepernick Tattoo Column Got Canned

03.28.13 5 years ago 25 Comments

That would be David Whitely, for people who pay attention to bylines. For a writer who is mostly irrelevant, it’s remarkable how widely his one stupid column permeated the discourse. Colin Kaepernick kept getting asked about it in TV interviews. It even eventually inspired Kaep’s touchdown celebration.

Whitley is one of a dozen or so departures from the sad husk of The Sporting News. The move is as much about cost cutting as it is trimming a clueless old guy who offended everyone. In a sense, that’s kind of sad. If the company were doing better, he’d probably still have a job. Then again, if The Sporting News weren’t relying on people like David Whitely to drive people to their site, they might be in better financial straits. Anyway, still nice this dickhead won’t be getting paid to be a fusty old white guy, at least for a while.

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