The Most Eli Manning Quote Ever

07.26.12 5 years ago 15 Comments

We’ve been having some fun lately at the expense of football-playing little scamp Elisha (END BULLYING) but we can’t help it when Eli Manning forces our hand with quotes like this:

“I think training camp in Albany, it’s kind of like, I went to summer camp when I was 10 years old and I still get to go to summer camp when I’m 31. I kind of like that aspect of that.”

You guys, who doesn’t love camp? You get to make God’s Eyes with Ahmad Bradshaw. You bunk with your best buds. Archery got cancelled because of Plaxico, but there’s still tons of activities. Victor Cruz teaches salsa classes. Haha, Victor – dancing is FOR GIRLS! Counselor Tom Coughlin gives lessons on bird calls that sound suspiciously like screaming. At the end of the week, you challenge the camp across the lake to a blowout game of capture the flag, only it’s football. You miss your mom lots, but you can’t show it in front of the guys. They’ll hassle you for sure. So every night before bed, you write her a letter with a flashlight under the covers.

Thanks to read AJ for the tip. Please be this AJ.

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