The World According To Julie J: Return Of The G

06.21.14 3 years ago 2 Comments

Kevin Gates – “OG Bobby Johnson” Freestyle x “On Me”

Rappers sure know how to ruin it for everyone. Get a hot song like “OG Bobby Johnson,” let it buzz for a good 6 months, and then for some reason, practically every rapper thinks that they should make their own “remix” of it. Like some words that the Internet has irrevocably damaged, “remix” is one of them. How can it be a “remix” if the theme of the song is kept intact, and even the chorus, but the original is still better than yours?

Enter Kevin Gates. That preceding paragraph needs an asterisk that would lead you to the bottom of the page and say, With the exception of Kevin Gates.

“OG Bobby Johnson,” or “OG Boobie Black” as his version goes, is everything that a Gates fan could hope for over a beat like this. Rapping, trapping, yelling, and KG stating that he doesn’t get tired.

I’ll come out and say it: I’d like a Kevin Gates Gangsta Grillz Tape, please and thank you. Between what he’s done here, and with “Cut Her Off,” he definitely shows that he can take any instrumental and make us forget about the original song. Tapes of artists on industry beats are so cliche, but I have faith in Gates. If Kevin is reading this, or anyone from his BWA team is reading this, I hope they consider what I’m saying.

Or, maybe that DJ Drama-hosted XXL Freshmen Tape is still on my brain. Whatever the case, there’s a couple more Gates tracks.

It warms my heart to hear him shouting out Ty Dolla Sign in “On Me.” Last SXSW, I was standing in a press/artist area. I think Migos and their entourage had just whisked past us, and Ty Dolla Sign was nearby because he was performing. Someone from a different outlet was asking me who I was looking forward to seeing and after saying the obvious, he tried to tell me that he thought Gates and another rapper who also sings were basically the same person. Obviously, I was speechless. Not mad, not sad, not outraged, just speechless. Someone tapped me on the shoulder, and I looked over to see Ty Dolla Sign standing next to me, who said something to the effect of, “No way, Gates is way more dope.” So, I hope they get in the studio together because their appreciation is clearly mutual.

Lil Durk – “Voices In My Head”

#Same. Signed To The Streets 2 has been pushed back until July 2nd, but they must made that decision after this week’s gift that keeps on giving had dropped. To clarify, I mean the XXL mixtape, not Gucci’s endless tracks over three different tapes, but I can see where the confusion would come from.

Personally, “Voices In My Head” makes me okay with the project getting pushed back a couple weeks. The those sensational melodies and trappy hi hats make it sound like a sequel to “Who Is This?” A little more urgent, a little grander. Durk’s on the steady rise, and it’s reflected in the music.

Retro Su$h! – “Mary Jace” Video

It’s always a welcome sight to see the duo of Retro Su$h! popping up on the Internuts with something new, even if it’s a clip that lasts for a mere minute and a half. Currently,, they’re all out of tour with World’s Fair and the rest of the ATLien crew Two9, so I wouldn’t be surprised if “Mary Jace” was filmed at some point on the duration of tour.

“Mary Jace” is their flip of of “Prayer,” a song by Jet Life first lady Mary Gold. I can’t think of any situation where I don’t appreciate a play on words like this, or skip making an obvious pun when I see it.

Wara From The NBHD – “Scrilla”

“Scrilla,” states Brooklyn transplant to Atlanta Wara From The NBHD, is inspired by N*E*R*D’s “Rock Star.” At first, I wondered if that could be the reason, subconsciously, that I enjoyed “Scrilla” so much.

But, no. It’s like Wara and Justin Padron were mindful of their N*E*R*D influences, but gave it a whole new spin. Even though the beat reminds me more of “Lap Dance” than “Rockstar,” I’m not complaining because it’s dope to hear an artist list a specific inspiration that also happens to be one of my favorite albums ever. Just the mere mention of P in his trucker hat days got me a little overexcited.

Wara’s Kidnapped tape will be out sometime this summer, and until then, I leave you with “Scrilla.”

Woop – Woop Lingo Mixtape

Woop Lingo serves as a great introduction to Florida rapper Woop. I don’t recognize most of the names on here, though he’s got a couple Sonny Digital beats and a PeeWee Longway feature which is all fine and dandy by me. Clocking in at 19 songs, it actually moves at a pretty quick pace. It’s definitely not one of those tapes where every song sounds the same, or you find yourself scrolling through it, although one of the overlying themes is that it’ll all sound good while cruising in the car.

Florida still has some catching up to do, but they do have Harry Potter World, The Hemingway House, and now Woop. It’s a good start.

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