There’s an Oral History of ESPN’s “Playmakers”

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I loved ESPNs playmakers so hard. It was 3 parts hard NFL truths and 1 parts hard drug use by skill position players and it was a hundred percent appealing to the tastes of me, the discerning modern day NFL fan. Who can forget damn-ass tough as nails sonofabitch LB Eric Olczyk grinding it out and literally killing players on the field, and then Demetrius Harris- the carbon-copy CJ2YPC runningback who smoked the equivilant of Josh Freemans medicine cabinet during halftime breaks?

While your Florios and your daughters were watching “Seinfeld” I was tuned in to “Playmakers” hootin and hollerin with the boys in my man-cave laughing at the comic relief of the Gay player and hoping that scrambling son of a bitch QB would get what he deserved at the hands of big Olczyk out there. In fact I’ve been working at my own Playmakers fanfic using all the players from the modern game it sounds like a winner to be honest, maybe I’ll share it with you at some point.

Anyways, Brandon Harrison at TD Daily has a oral history of the show featuring the creator and the cast just kind’ve kicking back and swapping a few yarns about the olden days of the show and its cancellation. Here are some outtakes:

Just like in the pros they’d have rappers hanging out:

Gray: [One time] Snoop Dogg came onto the set. He loved the show and wanted to be on it. When he comes in he came with limos, and they had to give him a huge star wagon. There was a guy named Bishop—I don’t know who he is but he wore lime greens suits and gold teeth. There were girls in the trailers.

The complaints were coming from the owners probably because teams were starting to lose casual fans who didnt even know it was a fake show to the Cougars

Eisendrath: As I recall, about halfway through the run, the guy who I would talk to at ESPN, Mark Shapiro—who was responsible for their original programming—he would say they were starting to get complaints from some of the owners.

Thea Andrews, the attractive blonde reporter who was obviously based on Rachel Nickles or Michelle Beadle (hi Michelle) started to receive complaints from Women’s Journalism organizations because her character got hit on all the time by alphamales

Andrews: There was an uproar about the character I played. The Association for Women in Sports Media (AWSM) protested it. They were really offended by this depiction of a female sports reporter and the relationship she had with a player. A lot of the detractors must not have actually watched the show, because they assumed there was a sexual relationship between the reporter and the player—but it was a dream that he had about her, which is nothing, really.

The guy that plays Demetrius Harris also talks about how he got cut in High School football because he was pinning his ears back more often to get into costume for the school play then he was at practice,, but big shocker you dont hear him thank his coach for the discipline and attention to detail that would later make it possible to be a actor.

The whole things worth a read if you can suspend disbelief that the show was set in Canada and they never once showed player’s waiting in line for 9 hours to get a asprin at the doctors office,, but besides that its right on the money.

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