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01.05.13 5 years ago 907 Comments

Over the summer, we stumbled across neighbors with fences painted to reflect which side of this NFC North rivalry they stand. While I’m sure things are never exactly friendly between these households when football comes up, I’d really like there to be a camera feed being kept of their activities today. DirecTV isn’t doing anything. Someone get them out there.

The Packers and Vikings closed out in Week 17 with one of the best games of the regular season, exciting to watch and fraught with drama. People aren’t giving the Vikings much of a chance to take the second in a row on the road, largely because of Christian Ponder. In the Week 13 loss in Lambeau, the Vikings were actually on the verge of taking control of the game with a two-score lead early in the second half when Ponder loosed this senseless pick into the awaiting hands of a Packers defender in the end zone. Minnesota didn’t score again and Green Bay won 23-14.

Ponder certainly was much better last week at home, which would have been an encouraging sign were Ponder actually playing, which he isn’t. That’s right – it’s WEBBSLINGER TIME! Minnesota appeared to testing the hurt elbow in Ponder’s throwing arm most of the day, but the swelling was too much of an impediment. The Vikings didn’t announce that Joe Webb would be starting until the second half of the Bengals-Texans game, a delay that drove Jay Glazer to hit the bar.

Though Joe Webb did get some experience under center in 2011, he has yet to throw a pass this season. People on Twitter seem to like the idea of Webb running the option with Peterson. With a career passer rating of 66.6, that’s about all he brings to the table.

Purple Jesus put up 409 yards on the Packers in their two meetings this season, and he may need that many tonight. Clay Matthews has vowed not to let Adrian Peterson top 200 yards. I guess that counts as shutting him down if you’re the Packers defense.

Meanwhile, this sign was spotted by a Redditer outside of a Green Bay bar today. Leave it to Packers fans to talk shit about a game that they lost.

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