White History Month – White Backup QBs

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*Im not Gay,,I thought Id kind of do my own Sexy Friday for White History Month Im sure youll get a nother one later.

Hi folks, in case your heads been under a rock that Mike Irvin hasnt tried to smoke yet Ive been celebrating White History Month in the NFL all July. We’ve just had a blast and Id like to invite you personally the reader to join us in taking a few minutes to remember some unsung White heros who have helped other races excel at the QB position in the NFL.

First of all Im not racist, I love NFL football and people forget our fists are all the same color after we stick our hand in the dirt on Sundays. But since its White History Month I want to honor the amazingly talented White Backup QBs who have supported their friends and teammates who have risen to the top of there teams depth charts. (Im talking about White QBs whove backed up Black QBs but I thought it might sound racist if I came out and said it).


Koy Detmer



Dont play Koy” was a familiar saying youd hear from the mouths of the girls who couldnt keep their hands off him as well as anyone who ever coached him. When he got out there Koy may of played like a dead fish but it was Donovan who puked like he had a plate of bad sushi folks.


Matt Schaub

A White History month backup legend I call him the Count of Matty Cristo the way he waited patiently for his time to shine. You kind of have to take your hat of at anyone who survives 4 years of sharing a waterbottle with Mike Vick folks


Alex Smith

Favre would of killed to have hands the size of Smiths


Matt Flynn

Flynn handled his benching like a pro in Seattle and coined the latest meme: “Flynning” which is here in todays jobmarket when you smile +clap politely when your jobs outsorced to a guy because he’ll do it for 1/10th of your salary.


John Beck+Rex Grossmen


The Backup-est Backup’s who ever wore a headset folks. Beck/Grossmen fact: They were such backups that they took turns backing eachother up for a entire season. A funny thing that happened was this one time McNabb got benched because he lacked “cardiovascular endurance.” If you ever get benched because your not in as good a shape as Rex Grossmen its probably time to hang em up no offense. One of my old buddies in the PFT comment section gave John the nickname John “John Beck” Beck. Humble. unassuming. worker bee.


Mark Rypien

Just look at those White History sleeves with Stink in the trenches. Rypien was the first White QB who was benched behind a Superbowl winning Black QB to take the Black QBs job on merit and win the Superbowl people forget that


Kyle Boller

Fortunatley Handsome Kyle had lots of experience patiently holding clipboards for those times doctors were waiting on his signature when it didnt look like Tara would make it


Kerry Collins

Hairy Kerry taught Vince Young everything he knows including how to never leave a chain restaurant with less then a $3,000 bartab


Sean Salisbury

Im not Gay but the ladies have to admit with a name like Salisbury theyd show him how to Back Up for this cut of meat. Truly his touch was Rare and his deep balls were Well Done.


Happy Friday folks and if your drinking tonight raise a lightbeer toast to your Charlie Whitehursts, Jeff Garcias and Kirk Cousins as we honor the humble guys behind the scenes

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