01.09.11 7 years ago 53 Comments

All told, not a terrible opening weekend of the postseason. We got the hilarious and improbable Seahawks upset of the Saints, the Fat Humps bowing out early (Nick Folk got the last word on Vinatieri) and Philly rightfully being denied yet again. No more conflict of whether Vick winning a title would be a positive thing or not. If only the Chiefs didn’t completely shit the bed in the second half, there might have been four close finishes.

Anyway, your Meast for Wild Card weekend is Marshawn Lynch. You could argue that BEEF MOE had a pretty mediocre showing aside from one 67-touchdown run, except that particular play was one of the most Measty efforts perhaps in postseason history. Also, someone made this awesome video of the clinching TD run set to the Mario star music and we’d be foolish not to highlight that. Also receiving consideration were Todd Heap, James Starks and Matt Hasselbeck.

Your Least for Wild card weekend is David Akers. We generally try to avoid giving Least to kickers since they’re such easy targets, but Akers was particularly wretched and proved to be the difference between the Eagles winning and losing against the Packers. Other candidates deserving of the dubious distinction include Roman Harper, Matt Cassel and Dwayne Bowe.

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