Will Steve Smith Play Sunday? Do Pinky And The Brain Try To Take Over The World?

01.11.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

With Steve Smith still nursing a knee injury that he suffered in the Panthers’ Week 16 win over the Saints, there’s been some doubt about whether he’d play on Sunday against the 49ers. In an attempt to put that doubt to rest, Smith posted this photo to his Instagram account with the following caption (plus a thousand hashtags):

Will I play is on the question!!!! Does a zebra have stripes? Does pinky&brain try to take over the world? Does batman always roll with Robin? Damn right I’m playing wouldn’t miss this for the world…. Bring ur goggles cuz it’s going to be blood and guts everywhere.

Pretty tough talk for someone dropping an Animaniacs reference. It’s the most notable NFL callback to the ’90s cartoon since Brandon Weeden revealed that he’s actually Chicken Boo.

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