Is Samsung Poised For A Bigger Year?

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12.29.10 4 Comments

At the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung is expected to announce its next big Galaxy item, this time in the form of a media-playing device, much like the iPod Touch. Samsung has already released mp3 players with Android platforms, but the timing of this new device is raising unibrows throughout the Galaxy, um, galaxy because of Google’s pending music platform launch. Google will most definitely be launching a music download service to rival iTunes, but nobody knows when this is going to happen. So what’s the deal, Google? Why you being such an iTease? Typical Internet superpower, always leading us on.

Meanwhile, Samsung isn’t just showing up to the CES in January to pimp a new media player, as the company is also about to blow your Blu-ray-loving mind. Measuring at just 23 mm – making it the thinnest Blu-ray player in the world – Samsung’s newest Blu-ray device will be compatible with the increasingly popular 3D TV format, and it will also have a configuration option to turn standard 2D into 3D. On top of that, it will still carry the current Blu-ray favorites in Internet streaming, allowing users to access Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. That’s all anybody knows about this new device, but if college taught me anything it’s that thin is hot.

Finally, a little bad news for you hackers out there. Samsung has announced new firmware for its Galaxy tablet that will make the device hacker-proof. The announcement has some consumers worried that they’ll be left to fend for themselves if the company switches from the Android OS to the Honeycomb, but Samsung is seemingly more concerned with laying its cards on the table and almost daring hackers to try and jailbreak the devices and run unauthorized firmware. The new security applications will immediately make any jailbreak obsolete, so the ball is in the hacker court. If you need me, I’ll be trying to figure out what any of this means.


  • Samsung Android music player hints at Google Music. [With Video] (Read Write)
  • Samsung will debut a super thin Blu-ray player at CES. We pray it’s not anorexic. (Maximum PC)
  • Samsung beefs up Galaxy security, gives hackers gigantic wedgie. (



  • When AOL first started out, the company was throwing installation and subscription CDs and disks in almost every newspaper and junk mailer on the planet. Turns out those inserts cost the company roughly $35 per disk. Did someone say something about spending money to make money? [With Video] (Gizmodo)
  • Only 21% of Americans are in favor of the FCC regulating the Internet like radio and television, as many people believe that regulation will push a political agenda. The last thing we need is “2 Bipartisan Girls and 1 Cup.” (Rasmussen Reports)



  • Within two months of its release earlier this year, the iPad’s demographic shifted from a 2:1 male-to-female ratio to 3:2. Additionally, 25% and 22% respective increases in Yahoo! Shopping and Travel indicate that the Apple tablet could end up gender neutral, much like Tom Cruise. (Daily Finance)
  • While netbooks currently outsell PC tablets 3:1, projections indicate that tablets will make up 18% of the American PC market by 2012, while netbooks will be relegated to 17%. Those numbers are expected to continue north and south, respectively, until one of them is voted off Geek Island. (Tech Crunch)


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