The Avengers has a new trailer

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VIDEO: Prometheus's Peter Weyland addresses the 2023 TED Conference

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Siri hates your indie band and morning links

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This Week in Posters: Avengers, Men in Black 3, Etc.

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National Lampoon's Vacation reboot to be directed by the Horrible Bosses guys

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Adam Sandler breaks the made-up Razzie record, with 11 nominations

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The FilmDrunk Interview: Jason Mewes

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Bruce Vilanch is in ur blogs, correcting ur facts

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Rate this awkward Richard Dreyfuss interview on a scale of one to Billy Bob Thornton

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Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD and Streaming: The Coke Wizard's Oscar-Winning Triumph

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Comments of the Week, and Tom Cruise's greatest defender

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Morning Links with double Angelina thigh

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