Piranha 3DD Hates Your Vagina

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Starring Christopher Lloyd as kooky scientist, Gary Busey as crazy guy who eats piranhas, Ving Rhames as black guy with guns for legs, and David Hasselhoff as David Hasselhoff, the trailer for Piranha 3DD appears below.


Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, & Jonah Hill in 'Neighborhood Watch'

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After the jump, I've got the trailer for Neighborhood Watch, Fox's summer comedy starring Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, and Billy Crudup, directed by The Lonely Island's Akiva Shaffer and written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Superbad, Pineapple Express, Green Hornet).


I just made Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close way better

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Look, I don't really know why I made this, but I did.


Lights Camera Jackson and Jay Leno, a perfect match

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Kid Film Critic Lights Camera Jackson (now 13) actually appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week, but since no one under 65 watches Jay Leno anyway, I don't feel bad not posting it until now.

#Joss Whedon

The Avengers has a new trailer

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Quick, nerd, hit this inhaler, The Avengers has a new trailer.


VIDEO: Prometheus's Peter Weyland addresses the 2023 TED Conference

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Ridley Scott's Prometheus, which opens in June, is getting a promotional push from the <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TED_%28conference%29" target="_blank">TED conference</a>, which is of course the nation's premiere gathering of Ted Danson impersonators, enthusiasts, and Danson-related industries ("Curve the Beer" is this year's theme).


Siri hates your indie band and morning links

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But what if, like, Siri didn't like your band.


This Week in Posters: Avengers, Men in Black 3, Etc.

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THIS WEEK IN POSTERS: This week in This Week in Posters, we've got superheroes, starlets, blood, and of course Will Smith.


National Lampoon's Vacation reboot to be directed by the Horrible Bosses guys

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The studio has entered negotiations to hand the reins of the project to John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, the team behind the Vacation script, as well as the New Line hit Horrible Bosses and the studio's upcoming Horrible Bosses 2 and Burt Wonderstone.


Adam Sandler breaks the made-up Razzie record, with 11 nominations

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The Razzies was founded in 1981 by copywriter and publicist John Wilson, and every year they hand out awards to the most obvious, low-hanging fruit of bad movies, I suspect as a pandering method of self-promotion.


The FilmDrunk Interview: Jason Mewes

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This interview is also published in the March 2012 issue of <a href="http://axismag.com/">Axis Magazine</a>.


Bruce Vilanch is in ur blogs, correcting ur facts

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When our friends at <a href="http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/the-amazing-race-five-suggestions-on-how-to-make-next-years-oscars-better-than-the-2012-ceremony" target="_blank">ThePlaylist</a> (specifically Oly Lyttleton) recently posted their Oscars post-mortem, "5 Suggestions on How to Make Next Year's Ceremony Better Than 2012," one of their suggestions involved a certain lumpy effervescent novelty t-shirt enthusiast who may or may not be eye f*cking me in the banner of this post.


Rate this awkward Richard Dreyfuss interview on a scale of one to Billy Bob Thornton

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I actually have a lot of respect for actors and actresses who refuse to play along with the whole superficial awards season ass-kissing routine, and especially the ones who don't kowtow to the bronzer-faced, stuffed-shirt jackwagons who do most of the red carpet interviews.


Comments of the Week, and Tom Cruise's greatest defender

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I know I failed to get your comments of the week post up yesterday, but that's the thing about Comments of the Week and periods, better late than never.


Morning Links with double Angelina thigh

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Remember Angelina Jolie's exposed thigh at the Oscars.


Oscars? Woody Allen ain't care.

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And now, children, I read to you from the <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2011/06/man-woody-allen-is-old" target="_blank">book of</a> "Woody Allen Ain't Care," volume three, verse 25, year 76.


2012 Oscars Best Picture Bracket Contest Winners

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As most predicted, The Artist won Best Picture at the 84th Annual Academy Awards last night, which means Drunkards won too.


Must Watch: Jean Dujardin's French surfer rap (Update: And boy band video)

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Everyone knows that last night, French actor Jean Dujardin took home a Best Actor Oscar for his work in The Artist.


The Independent Spirit Awards: It's the Oscars with chunky eyeglasses!

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For people who don't like that the Oscars are voted on almost exclusively by old, white men, there's the Independent Spirit Awards, the awards show voted on almost exclusively by less old while men wearing Buddy Holly glasses.