50 Cent Continues To Be A Thorn In Floyd Mayweather’s Side

07.26.14 3 years ago 16 Comments

Depending on your sense of humor, 50 Cent is either LMAO-funny or just an instigator.

Fif hit the ‘Gram last night to add fuel to whatever fire there is between former friend Floyd Mayweather and Nelly. The St. Louis rapper has long been homies with the boxer’s ex, Miss Jackson, a fact that seemed to infuriate the champ a few short months ago.

A picture of Nelly and Miss Jackson cupcaking near a pool had 50 Cent so worried, he @’d Floyd with the message, “Nelly put this up @floydmayweather DAMN da n*gga really took your lady Champ. It’s @missjackson birthday. Smh”

The Street King also advised Floyd to “get his b*tch back” after Nelly shared another picture of Miss Jackson. “CHAMP I ain’t gonna lie this motherfucker bad. You need to start operation GET THE BITCH BACK. Right now !!!” he suggested.

Floyd currently owns — err — is dating Doralie “Bad” Medina who coincidentally celebrates her birthday on Sunday. The generous boxer couldn’t wait and has already gifted her with a brand new Rolls Royce.

Obligatory pictures of Bad Medina. If it’s one thing women love, it’s being ranked and compared to exes.

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Bad Medina 3


Bad Medina

Bad Meinda 2

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