Antonio Smith vs. Richie Incognito, Round 2

08.20.13 4 years ago 35 Comments

Who says you cant celebrate White History month in August folks? I made a egregious error when I failed to mention Richie Incognito even one time in all of July’s White History Celebrations. Richies a throwback or a blanketback or a pillowback or whatever the heck it is hes got sticking out of his neckroll. As a flag waver for White history Richie truly puts the ‘pale’ back in ‘lunchpale’. He better be careful though, if he takes any more helmets to the mouth Chris Kluwes gonna write a book about him folks.

Thats right hes in the news again because hes got the worst luck and gets bullied all the time by more ethnic better players and this latest attack is no exception. Richies always getting hatecrimed by other races but you wont see Obama make a stand and say “I might of looked like Richie when I was younger” just because instead of a joint and a lei Richies got a wife and a job not to be racist. I’m calling on Roger Goodell to take a stand verse racism and ban Antonio Smith for at least as long as Big Ben got for kidnapping and having sex.

This is NOT a first Offense by Smith here folks, he’s shown repeated attacks on White players mainly those named Incognito. Last year Antonio Smith got his shoe laces wrapped around Richie’s fingers and almost pulled them off, now he goes and outdoes himself by stealing Incognitos helmet and then attacking Richie with it. This is so disrespectful to Kevin Greens helmet grabbing contributions to White History it cant help but conjure images of Run DMC turning Arrowsmiths Walk this Way into something you wouldnt let your neighbors hot daughter listen to when she came over because you let her play with your dog.

Richies a classic sample of a ‘takes one to know one’ type guy,, which is so fitting that hes got all them tattoos and he knows exactly how to get under your skin and make you do something youll regret the rest of your life. Usually when your accusing a “OG” of ‘holding’ in the NFL it has more to do with Nate Newton renting a nother Chrysler 300 and going petal to the metal down I-35, but Richie gets attacked for being clever and sneaky on the field. If your not cheating your not trying and the only time Incognitos in disguise is when hes pretending to not have a fistful of your shirt out there.

Richies doesnt take any crap from anyone no matter how many vowels are in your first name but thats what makes him such a dominant force out there. Richie this Buds for you today pal, but I know your drinking your fare share with the old guys from the 72 Dolphins who stayed home from the White House  popping some champagne celebrating . I guess when your married long as those guys you take any chance at all you get to excercise free speech right fellas? Just kidding. Anyways God bless you Richie and I hope Antonio Smith gets charged with a hatecrime for his own good.

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