For The Free: Battlefield 1943 Preview & Giveaway

07.08.09 8 years ago 134 Comments

When I wasn’t at meetings during E3, it was a safe bet to find me at the Battlefield 1943 booth. Simply put, the game is pretty fun and not too hard to play. Battlefield vets will be right at home, while new players can come to grips with it fairly quickly. It’s classic Battlefield fare; you can drive (or pilot) various land, sea and air vehicles as you take out enemies and dominate the map. The game supports 24-player online matches and allows you play with your friends as a squad. There are three classes (infantryman, rifleman and scout) that offer unique play styles with 3 maps to play on. Three maps may not sound like much but trust me; it takes a couple of matches to see each level front to back. They’re expansive and well made. Plus there’s a fourth free map dropping in the future.

Battlefield 1943, a download only title, looks better than most games at the store. It’s pretty remarkable considering most downloadable games don’t look nearly as good as their retail competition. Moreover you can destroy most buildings with explosive weaponry like bazookas, grenades, remote charges and tanks. This is a big deal since you can take out hiding spots and literally level the playing field. It’s a great technical feat considering some of the biggest shooters like Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 don’t let you put more than bullet holes through the wall at best.

Battlefield 1943 is available for download today on Xbox 360 (1200 MS Points) and tomorrow on PS3 ($14.99). The PC Version should drop sometime in the fall. Gordon Van Dyke, 1943’s Producer, was kind enough to give me some free copies of the game. We’re giving away Xbox 360 and PS3 keys starting…now. Just leave a comment* about your favorite war movie and/or game, along with your preferred console and you’re in.

*Please use a working email address, as this how winners will be notified.

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