Behind The Scenes With Miss Shakur

04.06.10 8 years ago 20 Comments

Two minor things I just had an epiphany about.

1. Rappers, no longer will your behind the scenes video clips be welcome, especially when the video will be debuting @ OnSmash in two days anyways. Nobody cares © Calogero.

2. I majored in the wrong field in college. If I was as smart as I thought I was, I would have skipped college, went to cosmetology school & studied “lotion application” to get a Bachelor’s in Model Makeup Application. Imagine being the lady who applies the oils and glitter to the ladies (If it makes you feel better, imagine yourself still a man). Dear lord, I’d have to pack a lunch, extra underwear, an Ace bandage & Wet Wipes just to survive each day. Dare I say I wouldn’t miss a day of work though.


Behind the scenes for a photoshoot with Miss Shakur. My God is merciful a God.

Props: The 305

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