Black Spade’s “Running & Gunning” x Rockwell Knuckes’ “Sorta Invincible” Videos

10.20.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

Humans enjoy the chase more than anything else on the planet. It’s why scientists spend countless hours trying to understand our vast universe. It’s why heroin addicts still scrounge up dollar bills to try and feel that feeling they first felt when needle hit vein. It’s why Black Spade’s success is always building and also why his latest video catches the St. Louis native in some sweatpants following the one thing we chase the most: love.

Black Spade’s music is a spaced out experience that can only be enjoyed by those whose minds are open. His individuality is only exceeded by his talent, releasing songs that leave you singing along with his melodic brilliance about subjects we can all relate to. Then, when you least expect it, he closes out the song with a verse that encapsulates every emotion you got when you were humming along with the crooning. “Running and Gunning” is just one of the many examples from his Build & Destroy mixtape released earlier this year.

As with any double feature, there is sure to be distinguishable differences in the products being presented. While Spade’s humanistic approach to music gives you the feel of an independent film, Rockwell’s means of expression finds itself aligning more with the Hollywood end of things. In the video for “Sorta Invincible,” the suit-rocking rhymer plays the quirky mastermind behind a gun-toting group of vigilantes scaling stairs towards an unknown goal with the soundtrack being one of the many anthemic songs from his masterfully crafted Choose Your Own Adventure mixtape that was released earlier this year.

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